Marygrove Retreat Center
"Come away with me into a desert place . . and rest awhile." (Mark 6:31)
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cursillo symbolCursillos in Christianity is a movement within the church that, through a method of its own tries to, and through God's grace manages to; enable the essential realities of the Christian to come to life in the uniqueness, originality, and creativity of each person. In becoming aware of their potential and while accepting their limitations they exercise their freedom by their conviction, strengthen their will with their decision, to propitiate friendship in virtue of their constancy in both their personal and community life.

The Cursillo Movement consists of proclaiming the best news of the best reality: that God, in Christ, loves us. Communicated by the best means, which is friendship towards the best of each one, which is the person and his capacity of Conviction, Decision, and Constancy.

Some other things:

If you've made a retreat at Marygrove, you've probably heard someone there refer to "Cursillo." Other retreatants will ask, "Have you made Cursillo?" Or you'll hear them say, "So many things changed in my life after I made Cursillo…" Or a priest might say to you, "If you ever want to give your faith a 'jumpstart,' consider making a Cursillo!" All these comments leave people with a simple question: "What on earth is a Cursillo?"

Simply put, the Cursillo weekend is an encounter with Christ. It starts on Thursday evening and ends Sunday evening and through a series of conferences by priests and witness talks by fellow Christians, the Cursillo weekend is designed to empower people to be more of a Christian leaven in their families, neighborhoods, and workplaces. On a Cursillo weekend, participants deepen their faith and learn how to better live it in society. The Cursillo weekend is part of the greater Cursillo movement, the goal of which is to make Christ the prime influence in society. Join Cursillo and watch your faith get set on fire!

If you haven't made a Cursillo Weekend, give Marygrove a call today at 1906-644-2771 for more information. Join us for a Cursillo and see your faith life take-off.

Candidates for an upcoming Cusillo, please download this application, complete and submt per instructions.

Sponsors for candidates, please download this application.

Sponsor's Responsibilities', please download this letter.

Pastors of all faiths, please download this application.

Cusillo Team Members, please download this application and send it in to the Marygrove address.

Cursillo Dates:

  • Non-Roman Men: February 16-19, 2017
  • Non-Roman Women: March 2-5, 2017
  • Non-Roman Men: February 15-18, 2018
  • Roman Catholic Men: February 22-25, 2018
  • Non-Roman Women: March 1-4, 2018
  • Roman Catholic Women: March 8-11, 2018

Thank you.

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