Marygrove Retreat Center
"Come away with me into a desert place . . and rest awhile." (Mark 6:31)
Located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

What is Youth Encounter Christ?
YEC, which stands for Youth Encounter Christ, is a retreat program of the Catholic Diocese of Marquette which reaches out primarily to young adults ages 16-20. YEC is a spirited weekend where young people share faith, witness to the power of Christ’s love, and come to appreciate a whole new way of living their religious values.

The YEC retreat weekend’s message is simple. It posses the three questions every young Christian must ask: Who am I? What am I to do? How am I to do it? Through the powerful witness of other young people and clergy, the message of Jesus is applied to help answer these questions. The YEC weekend takes up God’s gift of Grace and our response in Faith. It examines the way Holiness, Christian Study, and Christian Action are used as tools as Christians attempt to live the life of Christ.

What makes YEC especially helpful is that it doesn’t end on the last night of the retreat. There is a follow-up program which help young people carry out at home, what was gained on the retreat weekend. By small group prayer meetings and other opportunities for study and service, YEC helps young people live the Christian way at school, work and home. In YEC you will experience: a fresh, different atmosphere away from home, school, and work ... meeting new people from other areas ... discovering the God whom you can know and believe in ... reflecting and sharing how you see yourself, your ideas, hopes, and dreams ... encountering Jesus Christ risen and alive today!!

Why participate
YEC is an opportunity for a special time in a young person's life. During YEC you can experience that you are not alone at the “in between time” of moving into adult life. In the three day weekend of YEC, you can experience being part of a vibrant, loving, and supportive faith community in which the friendship of Jesus Christ becomes a real possibility that makes sense.

YEC is very human. Team members of adults and youth from various walks of life entrust to the participants some of the struggles, joys, and feelings they have experienced in their own lives. YEC provides a space to reflect upon one's own ideals, hopes, dreams, and problems; to discover a God that you can believe in . . . a Christ you can encounter as risen and alive in your midst.

What's Next
Come join us and hundreds of others who have experience a new relationship with our Heavenly Father. Come see how the Holy Spirit interacts in our lives. All we have to do is listen to God's' implanted spirit in our existance. We invite you to join in the next Youth Encounter with Christ. Contact us or any person that you may know that has experienced this positive loving experience.

We look forward to providing you a welcoming place of safety and support, where faith is deepened and spiritual lives awaken.

Fr. Tim Ferguson

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