Marygrove Retreat Center
"Come away with me into a desert place . . and rest awhile." (Mark 6:31)
Located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Cursillo Crucifix Youth Encounter Christ

Next Youth Encounter is YE #99, October 26th - 28th, 2018. YE #100 is April 5-7, 2019. A list of applicants will be posted below. Please keep them in your prayers as they prepare to meet Christ in a new Light.

Youth Encounter weekend will be held at Marygrove Retreat Center in Garden, MI. The program, for those 15-20 years of age, is designed to help young people understand and experience the Catholic Faith through a series of presentations and Christian witness talks delivered by young people. Two priests and several adults also participate in the weekend, giving presentations and chaperoning.

Many of the adult lay leaders throughout the diocese, as well as several diocesan priests and seminarians, have attended Youth Encounter as teenagers or have served on weekend teams. Some credit the weekend with sparking their powerful conversion and leading to the discovery of their vocation.

The retreat is open to youth of all Christian faith traditions. There is a follow-up program which will help young people carry out at home what was learned on the weekend. Due to large donations, the fee for this year's Youth Encounter has been lowered to $25 per person.

For more information and registration forms about Youth Encounter, contact Marygrove Retreat Center at 644-2771 or Barry and Yvonne Voss at (906) 563-5187 or (906) 396-0887.

Please keep in mind that this list is updated on a continual bases, which can mean daily. Some individuals have to drop out at the last minute and others are just finding out about the weekend encounter. Please check regularly, if you have an interest.

Natalie Hackstock St. Mary & St. Joseph Kingsford High School
Grace Rapavi Holy Hill Home School
Ashley Seelen St. Joseph Ishpeming High School
Audrey Stetson St. Joseph Ishpeming High School
Sophie Hooper St. John Evangelist Ishpeming High School
Daphne Hosang St. Joseph Westwood
Caitlyn Broda St. Joseph Ishpeming High School
Olivia Young St. John Evangelist Negaunee High School
Lauren Verba Precioius Blood Stephenson
Margaret Howard Immaculate Conception Home School
Maria Hoenke St. Peter Marquette
Lucia Guevara Holy Name of Mary Home School
Olivia Copeman St. Peter Marquette
Anna Kowalski St. Joseph Home School
Kennedy Reath Evangelical Convenant Iron Mountain
Gail Thoma St. Francis DeSales Manistique
Anna Pirkola Our Saviors Lutheran Iron Mountain
Kathryn Miziniak St. Mary & St. Joseph Iron Mountain
Taylar Uimari St. Peter Marquette
Meredith Treiber First Presbyterian Iron Mountain
Kolbe Raiche St. Mary & St. Joseph Home School
Matthew Pillifant St. Joseph Marquette
Wyatt Carlson St. John Evangelist Westwood
Rocco Carlson St. John Evangelist Westwood
Preston Collette St. Joseph Ishpeming High School
Jack Mattias St. Joseph Westwood
Kyle Peterson Redemption Hill Iron Mountain
Conner Moore St. Mary & St. Joseph Kingsford High School
Oscar Johnson St. Francis DeSales Manistique
Jerry Jack St. Francis DeSales Manistique
Mark Block First Baptist Church Manistique
Ethan Wilcox Immaculate Conception Kingsford High School
Kurtis Reath Evangelical Convenant Iron Mountain
Ben Smith St. Mary & St. Joseph Iron Mountain
Zach Hanson St. Mary & St. Joseph Kingsford High School
Bailey Perrault St. John Evangelist Westwood

Rector Olivia  Rapavi
Co-Rector Lydia Decker
Prepare by opening & emptying Matthew Janowski
We receive HIM Adam Mazurek
We receive FORGIVENESS Gracie Howard
We respond TOGETHER (Church) Mia Broullire-Formolo
We respond w/ PRAYER Lily Menghini
Music Master I Erin Noha
Music Master II Steve Noha
Palanca Michael Rivard
Palanca August Early
Palanca Megan Arndt
Palanca Brenna Phillips
Palanca Anna Murvich
Adult Palanca Josh Rapavi
Adult Palanca Anne  DeShambo
Head Cha Cha Matt  Reath
Head Cha Cha Kristen  Reath
Youth Cha Caleb Voss
Youth Cha Peyton Wuori
Cha Cha Cha Janel Voss
4th Day Witness - Guy Mason Santi
4th Day Witness - Gal Jamie Rivard
Married Couple Wife Kalina Ziller
Married Couple Husband Walter Ziller
Religious Vocation Sr.Estella  
Religious Vocation    
Priest Fr. Tim Ferguson
Associate Spiritual Director Fr. Dustin Larson
Coordinator Helper    
Mr. Night Guardian Fred  Wuori
Mrs. Night Guardian Lori Wuori
Coordinator Lady Yvonne  Voss
Coordinator Guy Barry  Voss
Coordinator Helper    

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